Another son of the E. H. Dements lived at Driftwood for a few years. He was a married son, Harvey, and he and his family lived on what was called the Johnnie Rogers’ place. After living here a few years this family moved to Austin. They had four children – one girl and three boys. They visited often at Driftwood during the time the elder Dements were living here and the daughter of the family, Ethel, married Roy McCuiston in the home of her grandparents at Driftwood on December 25, 1918. Fifty years later they observer their Golden Wedding Anniversary at Driftwood.

Another daughter, Rachel, who had married Alfred Elsner, lived for many years north of Driftwood near Dripping Springs. They were frequent visitors at Driftwood over the years.

Source, DRIFTWOOD HERITAGE The History of Driftwood, Texas Copyright 1970.